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Thomas Köner’s audiovisual performances explore an array of expressions, from pioneering dark ambient to hypnotic dub techno. His recent piano & live-electronic Tiento de las Nieves shows are receiving enthusiastic critical acclaim (“The arc of a life unfolding in endless variations” TheWire/UK, “Beautifully enigmatic and elegiac” Neural Magazine/IT), while his stage visuals keep setting a benchmark for the fusion of music and images since his 2004 Golden Nica – winning Banlieue du Vide.

Examples for:

Audiovisual performance

Piano & live-electronics

ALCHEMIE performance (Köner&Reble)

Music for silent film

 Audiovisual performance:

Audiovisual Live Remix for which Thomas Köner chooses two classic Science-Fiction movies from different periods in order to reveal hidden layers and narratives in a deeply immersive audiovisual experience. A hypnotic journey between two visions of the future and two utopias.

Produced by: Les Rencontres Internationales. In collaboration with the Gaîté Lyrique.
With the support of DICRéAM.

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 piano & live electronics:

Thomas Köner’s haunting visuals (created from 1909 period footage) meet the voice of F.T. Marinetti and his 1909 Manifesto of Futurism.

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 ALCHEMIE performance (Köner & Reble):

Live-Chemistry alchemical treatment of film during its projection and live processing of film projector`s drive and sounds.

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 Music for silent films:

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